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Coming Out The Broom Closet - Telling Your Loved Ones

Coming out of the broom closet, as you have probably guessed, means becoming more open about your chosen path. For some people there may seem no need for this page, but many Wiccans find it hard to tell their loved ones, particularly in highly religious families of other denominations. Others still are unsure who they "should" tell. This page offers advice and thoughts whichever path you take.


Should I Tell People? Who? 

 Ultimately, it is your choice who you tell. Belief is a personal thing, and many simply never discuss it. How much you tell of your personal practice is again your choice, but people will usually ask questions so be prepared with what you are comfortable sharing. If you do choose to tell people, there are some ways to try and make things easier. Many will tell loved ones but avoid complications at work or school by not mentioning it, which can avoid conflict with workmates and prevent needless tensions. In more religious areas, depending on local laws, it can be legal for companies to dismiss at whim and thus remaining "In the broom closet" is wise.

For some hiding their beliefs can be suffocating, or feel like it is a dirty secret when there is nothing to be ashamed of. Telling people, while causing some conflict potentially, can feel liberating. Others find that while they are unsure of their path and exploring different avenues it is far easier to stay silent and not "commit" to any one that way. Others still are simply happier practising alone without worry of other's thoughts. Take some time to reflect and decide what is best for you.


Bringing Up The Subject 

 Leaving information printouts around, particularly ones which dispel myths such as Wiccans and devil worship, can be helpful in some cases. Interested relatives or friends may read it then ask about it, or simply ask what it is then read it when offered the chance. It brings up a the topic without you having to broach it which can be the scariest part for some and means you have information on hand if you feel awkward explaining.

 Starting a conversation casually about alternate religions or spiritual beliefs can allow you to test the waters better too. 

  Other times simply wearing a subtle pentagram or other symbolic pendant will eventually gain attention and a question among more open minded friends. If the person you are telling is more likely to be confrontational this may not be a way to go as it does not allow you to speak first and set a calmer tone.

 Letting things happen gradually and naturally is often the best way of all, giving everyone a chance to adjust and allowing you to stop if you realise there will be a problem.