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Autumn Star-Storm
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I am looking for a simple binding spell. Well, maybe this situation calls for something a little more elaborate. This would be my second binding I have performed - and I might add for the same person. I am looking for something that will stop him from not only harming others, but also harming himself. It is words that he uses to harm people and the decisions he makes are sometimes out of control. He tends to hurt people intentionally with the use of words and decisions and I believe he thinks that because he is in a powerful position, he has the right to do so.


He is actually my former boss and is still my husbands boss and owner of the company. I knew my binding spell I performed over 6months ago has warn off and with avengence when he suspended someone for 3-days for.....basically.....DOING THEIR JOB! I am not kidding or over exagerating. To make a long story short, she CORRECTLY performed a process that was COMPANY POLICY and because it effected one of "his friends" in the business, she got suspended. Completely inappropriate.


Now I realize that it did not effect me directly - this time. However, he does have the ability to harm me indirectly if he harms my husband. In addition, he makes poor decisions about the business that puts him and the company in a "pickle" that does directly effect my husband as he is the one that has to clean up the mess behind these poor decisions, all of the time! My husband is the General Manager and CEO.


The owners poor decisions could harm or put many people's jobs in jepordy. He needs to slow down and find that pause before he responds to situations. He has done this countless times over that last 15 years that I have known/ worked with him and it seems like he does not learn from these mistakes, he just gets worse as time goes on! He has a superiority complex and a belief that he can do whatever he wants to anyone he wants, whenever he wants. Sometimes I wonder when his Karma is going to catch up to him. WHERE IS IT? He has hurt so many people throughout the years and ultimately he is hurting himself. Once he told me, OMG - check this out....he told me that because he goes to church every sunday and prays that god will protect him no matter what he does to anyone. I could feel my eyes getting bigger as he said this. Wow, now if that isn't a superiority complex, I don't know what is. I remember responding, that is good that you go to church on Sundays. I almost asked him to repeat what he said because I could not believe he said that.


I genuinely want to help him improve his ability to communicate with people so I thought a binding spell of some sort would work. I don't want to control what he does or impose my will on him or even harm him. That is why I would prefer one that not only protect others from harm, but also helps him stop harming himself. After I did the first one, it helped for a few months but I noticed over the last 2-months my husband has been coming home with horror stories again of his actions.


Let me know if you have anything that will help!


Blessed Be




The Earth is a poet that speaks to you when the grass is between your toes, the wind is playing with your hair, the smell of fall warms your soul and your eyes feast on the skys - day and night.


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Here's one I found. It's pretty simple but it works. Hope it helps!

Spell to Bind a Person

Take an artifact or picture of the person and bind it with tape while saying:

(Person's name) I bind you from doing harm to others or your self.

Repeat 3 times.


Blessed Be,


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Autumn, I admit I'm rather shocked. Binding's, by many definitions, are unethical. Though at first they may seem for the greater good, they do manipulate people against their will.

I never use bindings, and if I were to choose to I believe it would only be for binding objects or such (non-people or animals).


I do not know the situation well but my advice is not to do a binding spell. Especially if this is thw second one you want to preform on any one person.


It's a common story - that someone wants to bind someone else to keep them from doign harm to themselves and others. But you have to think about the cause, not the symptom:.


Harm comes from hurt, anger, or ignorance. As you are probably discovering (as this is the second binding), that when anger is supressed in one area it will leech into another. Bondage in one part of his lfie makes his work descisions rash. Binding his actions makes his words his weapons. Binding his words will make his thoughts self-harming.


You can take a simple binding spell and change it. Instead of 'bninding' them from harming themselves or others, protect them from self harm, bad emotions, ect. Be creative. Never manipulate someone to solve a problem - Karma takes that into account, too.


Binding spells treat the side effects of anger and disfunction in a person's life. To bind the only outlet they have is to severly hurt the person's psyche. You would be putting them in a spiritual stright-jacket. What you need to do is, should you choose to use magic, strengthen their attitude towards life, send them lots of love and health, then their outlet for emotion (such as work and communication with emplyees) will become a pleasent one, and he will transmit positive words/actions rather then nagative ones.


I will give an example of a situation a friend of mine experienced first hand. They had a friend (who I didn't know) who started smoking as a teen. So friend A did a binding spell. Friend B moved on to heavy drugs. Friend A did another binding spell. Friend B became hateful to others, touchy, and on a rare occasion threatened violence. Friend A did another binding spell. Friend B became a self-mutilator, and was rushed to the ER shortly thereafter.

You could argue that the binding spell just didn't work; I argue that friend A blocked B's only outlet for their anger, and treated the present symptoms- allowing the cause to manifest in other more harmful ways.


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Autumn Star-Storm
Posts: 97

Seems u r right Chi. The last binding I did with him worked for a few months but it had to go somewhere. It seems as though it built up and he is acting worse than ever.


I think I will use a simple protection spell for my husband and let it be.


The Earth is a poet that speaks to you when the grass is between your toes, the wind is playing with your hair, the smell of fall warms your soul and your eyes feast on the skys - day and night.


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