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Posted by Felicia on October 10, 2009 at 10:28 AM Comments comments (25)

Hagstones, Holeystones, Witchstones and Earth's Eyes, all names for the naturally occuring stones with a hole worn through it. Often found at the beach or near rivers, these stones have been long been used for protection and the raising of power. Hagstones are believed to provide protection from hexes, spells and negative energy, partly because the holes are worn by water, and water disappates most spells. Anything thrown at the owner is channeled through the hole, and as it passes through it is broken and left harmless, although some believe it is redirected to the source (thus speeding the process of the threefold law. Many people used Hagstones to protect them or their goods from witches, but their use predates that.

 Hagstones are also used for the raising and focusing of power, and are believed to bring good luck. Some like to seek one out, and on finding the right one will cleanse them, then carry them with them or keep them on their altar. Often Hagstones are given as gifts, for they are strongest when either used by the person who found them, or when they have been given in love.

 When finding or choosing a Hagstone, you should always go for the one that calls to you, but often people find that theirs reflects their personality, for instance, a pale soothing colour would suggest a calm personality.

 Do you use or own a Hagstone, or would you ever use one? Let me know what you think in a comment. I myself have a Hagstone I wear as a necklace and I keep a few dotted around, and my eldest niece keeps one by her bed I helped her find.


Blessed Be