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All About Altars

 The Altar is the hub of a Wiccan's practice. Many choose to have a permanent one, others for whatever reason pack it away when not in use, the size and form varies from person to person and the sheer variety is a beautiful demonstration of just how personal Wicca is. The altar changes from ritual to ritual and season to season, making it a perfect excuse to be more creative, browse thrift stores and go for walks to gather natural decorations.


Choosing Your Altar

  The base of your altar can be a wide range of things. Choices like trunks or small cabinets are perfect for storage and size, letting you pack away or store extra candles and such as needed. Folding tables are more easily hidden, and shelves are an option which can be used if you are not concerned about including the altar in the circles centre.  Look for an option with enough space for tools, candles and decorations to be spaced out safely alongside room to work during rituals. 

 Thrift, charity and secondhand stores are often a great place to find more unique or attractive pieces at good prices, as are bootsales. Tables with a poor finish can be stripped and repainted to suit your needs. 


  •  A cloth or covering. This can be as simple or decorative as you wish. White and black are both commonly used, neutral colours.
  • Representations of the Goddess and God. These can be statues, candles (gold and silver are common), pictures, masks or other items.
  • Elemental representations such as a crystal or salt for Earth, a Feather or incense for Air, a shell or bowl of water for Water, a candle for Fire and a symbol or runes for Spirit.
  • An incense holder
  • Candle holders
  • A plate for offerings, catching spills etc. This may also have a pentacle or pentagram on to represent that.
  • A chalice or wine glass
  • Other tools such as your athame, these may also be stored out of sight until needed.

Decoration Ideas 

  Since an altar is a personal space, either to the solitary or as a coven, it should be decorated to reflect the owner. Handmade items like garlands, painted pebbles, decorated plates, candleholders, masks, statues and paintings are all much loved choices. 

For seasonal ideas you could try: 


  Spring is the time of rebirth and renewed growth. Soft, pastel colours with a lot of green are appropriate. Bulbs being grown, symbols of fertility, maiden figures and such are good choices.


  Summer is a time of colour, warmth and passion. A base of green covered in vibrant colours, flowers (many prefer to use plants rather than cut), 


  With the dying leaves and last harvests, autumnal colours of red, yellow, orange, brown, gold and some deeper greens are appropriate colours. Fresh or dried pumpkin and squash, branches of dried autumn leaves, acorns, dried wheat and woven baskets of food for offerings are an excellent choice. 


 Winter altars can go in two directions. Cool, snowbound colours of pale blue, white and silver, or the rich vibrant Yule colours of reds, greens and golds. Evergreen bows, holly, mistletoe and other traditional decorations are perfect.